Claremont’s best kept secret – Starlings Café

As a little deviation from the world of wine, Id like to introduce to you Tamsyn Clark and her blog: thesweetestlittlething. Lets face it as much as we all love wine little compares to a warm cup of tea and a sweet treat especially during these rainy days. So if you looking for a classy location to satisfy your sweet tooth give this delicious blog a read! 🙂


Tucked away behind a hedge, at number 94, on busy and bustling Belvedere road, lies the cosiest little café – Starlings. This hidden gem is not easily stumbled upon so having inside knowledge is key to its existence. Known only by locals, Starlings really is Claremont’s best kept secret. All that being said, one would think that it wouldn’t be so busy – but it is always crammed with lovely food loving, tea drinking people. Tables are scattered throughout this beautifully restored Victorian cottage, and in warmer months patrons spill out onto a beautiful courtyard outside.

The first time I was fortunate enough to dine at Starlings Café was for my darling friend Cesca’s 21st birthday brunch. I walked in late (this getting lost thing is becoming a habit) to find a bunch of mostly unfamiliar faces gathered around a large table, with a few other people I know…

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