A real Blast ~ Signal Gun (Ke Monate)

The view...

The AWESOME view…

Signal Gun is a hidden treasure known mostly only to the fortunate Durbanville locals. This proud Durbanville wonder can be found slightly off the beaten track just off Vissershok Road.  The Signal Gun is generally not just stumbled upon by passing traffic, as it requires you to embark on a rather adventurous journey to the top of the hill to find it. If it is your first time visiting the farm, I wouldn’t be surprised if halfway you find yourself asking: “Where on earth am I going.” However I can guarantee you that once you lay eyes on this beaut you will NOT be disappointed.  Despite the location being so secretive, the Signal Gun restaurant Ke Monate is almost always fully booked.

Signal Gun is the non-traditional latest addition to the Durbanville wine valley. It offers wine lovers a modern experience to appreciate fine wine. The wine cellar is found below what is most certainly THE most scenic restaurant in Durbanville, Ke Monate. This wine tasting venue doesn’t only allow you to taste the finest Signal Gun wines inside a  beautifully set out cellar, but it also provides you with a selection of unique boutique wines from the Boutique Wine Society of Durbanville.

Over the past couple of years Signal Gun has expanded their range of wine to now include The Signal Gun: Merlot, WRM Shiraz Reserve, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sea Smoke Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Rose.

Ke Monte

Signal Guns Restaurant: Ke Monte

Although I haven’t been exposed to many of these wines as such, the vibe and atmosphere of the farm keeps me coming back for more. Whether it be for birthday dinners, family lunches, romantic dates or any celebration… Ke Monate and Signal Gun have never disappointed me, instead they have always assisted in capturing the best memories.  My family is definitely considered regulars to this piece of paradise.  We have a deal that everyone will keep at least one night a week open so that we can enjoy either a Wednesday Pasta evening or a Thursday/Friday Mexican Fiesta festivity together. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is perfected to the tee and the wine is ice cold!!

Family breakfast

Family lunch with some amazing Signal Gun Rose

On a summers day this location is perfect for families to enjoy a picnic in the beautiful garden.  The thing that attracts the most visitors on a summer’s afternoon over a weekend is the firing of the 300-year-old cannon over the beautiful hills and vineyards. This activity creates SO much excitement in everyone no matter what your age. I have experienced this many times and yet I still kept a close eye on the dates and times that they fire the cannon and I try my best never to miss it!! 🙂

Mother dear and Gran enjoy some wine on a Summers day!

Mother dear and Gran enjoy some wine on a Summer’s day!

Ke Monate means “Dis Lekker” in Sotho and there is no doubting my mind that once you have tasted their wine and dined with loved ones… These words will be on the tip of your tongue while you are arranging when everyone is free to meet up at Signal Gun again.

Hope to see you all there soon! (Just remember to book!!) 🙂

Signal Gun wine tasting hours:

Tuesdays to Saturdays 09h00 – 17h00
Sundays and Public Holidays 09h30 – 16h00


021 976 7343



7 thoughts on “A real Blast ~ Signal Gun (Ke Monate)

  1. Reblogged this on thesweetestlittlething and commented:
    A fellow blogger, Chesney wrote about Ke Monate in a recent blog post. I have been lucky enough to visit this idyllic wine farm with the blogger herself. We unfortunately missed the grand Woman’s Day High Tea, but we still enjoyed a lovely pot of tea and a scrumptious breakfast! Definitely worth the trip out to Durbanville! Can’t wait to experience the Woman’s Day High Tea next year! 🙂

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