What a beautiful Creation!

Roughly an hour and a half outside of the mother city lays a somewhat hidden treasure. Creation Wine Estate is situated in the heart of the Hemel-en Aarde wine valley along side the Babylon Toren Mountains, just outside Hermanus on route to Caledon. This farm is one of the latest additions to the Western Cape wine scene as they only began producing fine wine during 2002.

The Creation wine farms amazing location

The Creation wine farms amazing location

Creation Wine Estate is an elegant, yet cosy farm staffed by young enthusiastic and very friendly people. I was introduced to this little piece of Heaven earlier this year when attending a 50th birthday celebration. I was amazed to see the crisp and modern finishes throughout the farm, as this is very different to the typical vintage wine farms that I visit regularly in the Durbanville area.

This unique farm offers several activities to ensure that your visit is most definitely an unforgettable one. The one that we were lucky enough to experience was the “Experience the perfect food and wine pairing.” For me this was the ultimate treasure, being able to explore and taste their award winning wines while nibbling on tasty treats and overlooking a range of stunning mountains and vineyards.

To kick-start the food and wine pairing the table was set with a complementary chilled glass of Creation Sauvignon Blanc and bread platter. This was the perfect treat to ease us in while they prepared the delicious dishes that followed.

Bread and butter starter

Bread and butter starter

The pairing consisted of eight flawless combinations of canapés and the finest Creation wines. The combinations can be seen in the picture below:

Combinations of canapes and wine.

Combinations of canapés and wine.

These combinations created an explosion of joy in my month and the pairing was matched to a tee. The wine enhanced and unlocked magical flavours within the perfectly portioned canapés. The wine servings were also very generous which went down extremely well with everyone around the table. Although all the pairings left us almost speechless, the Chicken Laksa and Creation Viognier was most definitely the overall winner. Throughout our pairing we were accompanied by a lovely bubbly lady who informed us as to why these specific pairs were created and she provided us with interesting and insightful history behind the wines and the farm. One of the facts that she  mentioned was that the name “Creation” was given to the farm in tribute to Mother Nature for the wonders she provided for the farm. These wines were very earthy and easy drinking. The Sauvignon Blanc, which is my absolute favourite wine was one of the smoothest I’ve tasted, and leaving the farm with a couple of bottles was a clear indication that I loved it!

creation 3

Perfectly prepared mouthfuls of delight

Massive wine glass and delicious foods

Massive wine glass and delicious foods

After our amazing experience on the farm we continued onto the Caledon hot springs were we relaxed and reflected back on the memorable afternoon spent on the farm. This location and festivities makes for the ideal holiday with family and friends with many adventures to ensure you keep coming back for more.

If you are a wine lover, up for adventure and appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature… take the time out for your busy lives and tick this stunning farm that offers pure bliss off of your wine list.

Creation Wine Estate also offers the following experiences not to be missed:

  • Discover Creation on foot
  • Create your own blend
  • Indulge in our wine and Eclat De Chocolat Pairing
  • Share in our secret wine and food pairing.
Sharing the experience together...

Sharing the experience together…

Creation contact information:

 Hemel en Aarde Road, Hermanus South Africa

 Tel: +27 28 212 1107

Fax: +27 28 212 1127



14 thoughts on “What a beautiful Creation!

  1. Hi Chesney, thank you for providing such a lovely review, we are planning a trip to Hermanus soon and will certainly add this to our itenary. Most Insightful.

  2. I’ve taken a couple of trips through the wine estates in the Hemel en Aarde Valley, but somehow this little gem has been overlooked. Can’t think why. Definitely going to pop in sometime.

  3. This definitely is a very insightful blog, fun to read and something stunning to look at.
    The pictures add a lot of character to the reviews and make you feel a part of the experience.
    Great blog!

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